Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cutest Baby Hats

Here they are! The cutest baby hats in the world! I love the rainbow colors and the changing stitch pattern to give the hat some texture and interest. This hat is called the Baby Marley Hat and the decorative curly-cues on the top are the "marleys." These hats are for a woman at school who is having twins, a boy and a girl. I am so pleased with how they turned out and they were fun to knit. 

Funny story from school today. I was playing a game with my kindergartners called Bunny Tail Stew. The children use pinch-type clothes pins to pick up cotton balls and take them back to their stew pot. I must have had 200-300 cotton balls all over the gym and floor and the kindergartners were very engaged in this activity. When the kids had about 2/3 of the cotton balls picked up, one boy came up to me and asked, "How did you ever catch so many bunnies to get their tails?"!!! You gotta love these little guys!

Tonight my church bell choir did a concert at a local nursing home. It went well and the residents seemed to enjoy the music. 

We are following the Syracuse University basketball team, which is off to a good start. They have won two games that they should have won. Hopefully they will have a better season than the football team. We are hoping to get to some of their games this year, maybe when Tucker is home at Christmas and the 4 of us can go together. 

Hope all is well.


coreyrob said...

Go 'Cuse Basketball!

jeannie said...

The picture of those cute hats did not come through.