Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We had a nice dinner with Mom and Dad (Gram and GrandDad) last night. They are home from camp so they can go to Michigan for a long weekend with Bob and Joanie. Over Taco Salads, we got caught up on what has been happening at Jenny Lake. 

There are some beautiful apples on our two trees right now. 
Too bad the apples are usually wormy! Jim's parents went apple picking at Green Acres and brought us some delicious Johnamac 
(sp?) apples. They are so crisp and juicy! I love apple season.

A note to Tucker and Corey - I bought new silverware. The knives and teaspoons from the old set have been disappearing (just like socks in the laundry, where do they go?), so I bought new stuff.  See the photo and notice that the
pattern is very different from what we had. I have kept the old stuff so if someone needs some silverware, it is available. 

I am going rowing in a few minutes and Jim has XC practice. It is a lovely night to be out doing things like that. 

Guess that's all for now. Hope all is well with you. 


Anonymous said...
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coreyrob said...

I call the silverware. Consider my digital post-it on it.