Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

What a perfect summer day.
I got a nice bike ride in (22 miles) making a loop trip to Pine Hill Road. Came home to find Jim and Corey wrestling with Corey's kayak on the front yard. They were installing new knee pads and I believe the installation was a success. 

We all attended Mike Thomsen's graduation party this afternoon/evening. We got to visit with many Odyssey families including the Engles and the Cannizzaros. Mike's band played and they are quite good! Dinner was served and it was delicious. We left the party around 8-Corey is sleeping over at Mike's house tonight.

We finally got all the Salmon River trip photos uploaded to Kodak Gallery and the invitations sent out for people to view them. I now need to go through the pictures and select a few to have prints made. 

Dad and I bought tickets for the Yankees vs. Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto on August 6th. We will drive up on Sunday the 5th, stay overnight (Pricelined a room!) and then attend the Monday afternoon game on the 6th. That will be our 30th anniversary celebration! 

I had hoped to include a photo in the body of this entry, but I misinterpreted the page with the directions on how to include a photo, so for now the river picture is in the corner of the post.  There is a lot to learn!

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